I grew up near a forest in Waterloo, Ontario. In my early twenties I discovered Yoga, which gave me a calmer mind and a stronger, more capable body.

In 2011 I opened a yoga studio in Taiwan: Full Lotus Yoga. FLY gave me many great experiences, including my first encounter with Thai Yoga Massage.

In 2014, on my third trip to India, I learned TYM from Prabhat Menon, a senior student of the reknowned teacher Asokananda. I was inspired by the spiritual depth and physical power of this art, and I knew I wanted to practice it professionally.

My healing work is informed by 15 years of yoga practice, formal study of anatomy, and training in Western massage, sound healing and Reiki. I find it immensely satisfying to see a happy, relaxed client after a treatment, and I continue to learn and improve my skills as I practice and teach.